World Environment Day which is observed on June 5th every year is a day to remember the importance of Nature and to take a step forward to protect it by conserving our natural resources like water, forests, etc., and by practising waste management and so on.

Our school celebrated Environment Day on June 5th, 2015. The famous writer Sri Melur Vasudevan was our chief guest for the occasion. He inaugurated the beautiful function by lighting the lamp. He narrated many stories related to Nature and its value – stories that portrayed the importance of protecting our environment. They were very interesting. Our beloved Principal Ma also advised us to respect and love Nature like a Mother. At the end of the function, packets of seeds were distributed to all the students, asking them to bring at least one vegetable from their plant and a photo of their plant when it grows. Along with Melur Vasudevan Sir and Principal Ma, Students of Class X planted pomegranate saplings in the school compound. Overall, it was a memorable day for all the students and teachers.

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